Monday, January 21, 2013

Les Miserables Fanatic

I finally understand those ridiculous Star Trek fans.  I understand how they can remember the different casts, seasons, episodes, facts etc.

I am not a "Trekker" or a "Trekkie,"  I'm a "LesMiser?"  I can tell you most every fact about the entire book.  I know who wrote and produced the musical, who was in the original Broadway Cast, who performed in the 10th Anniversary Concert, who performed in the 25th Anniversary concert, the movie, the different non-musical film versions, etc...
I have read 6 different versions of the book and I own 3.  My dream gift is to someday be given a pair of silver candlesticks.
In the middle of Medical School I took the time to abridge the book myself.  I then made it into a PDF so I could read it on a tablet.  Then I posted my own abridgment of the book.  Now I have finally published a children's version for Kindle.

I have written 6 different posts (some quite long winded) about Les Miserables in the last year. Here they are in case anyone else is as ridiculously interested as I am.

1.Why Les Miserables Matters:Seriously - what could be so important about this story that I have made my own version and 7 different posts about it?

2.Explaining why the end of the stage musical makes no sense: Why does Eponine take Valjean to Heaven?

3. Predictions made 4 months before the release of the Movie Musical

4. My Review of the Movie Musical

5. Comparing two of my favorite fictional characters:  ValJean from Les Miserables, and Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof

6. Why we should limit Standing Ovations and Encores: using Les Miserables as examples of times where they were appropriate and wonderful.

Here is the free version of the e-book which you can download to your kindle, nook, tablet, etc...

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